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Robert MacGillivray

Robert Robertson MacGillivray was an artist who worked for several publishers during his career, and his strips appeared in comics as diverse asThe Dandy Comic, Diana, Mandy, Knockout and Cowboy Comics Library. ForThe Dandy Comic McGillivray drew 'Jock MacSwiper - the Dandy Piper', in 1941, and 'Diver Dick', in 1942, and he also used to draw for The Beano Comic.

'Jock MacSwiper - The Dandy Piper' artwork by Robert McGillivray - The Dandy Comic 1941
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The character of Jock MacSwiper was introduced in 1941, in the middle of WWII, at a time when paper shortages pushed D C Thomson to limit issue of their weekly fun comics, The Dandy and The Beano, to once a fortnight, on alternate weeks.

Clearly a very capable artist, Bob McGillivray drew 'Jock McSwiper - The Dandy Piper' for about two dozen issues (#174 - #199) of The Dandy Comic, from about March to October 1941. It was not unusual for D C Thomson, the publisher, to try out new strips for fairly short periods, they would even sometimes re-introduce characters in later creations.  Another of his strips for The Dandy Comic was 'Diver Dick' (1942).

'Jock MacSwiper - The Dandy Piper' artwork by Robert McGillivray - The Dandy Comic 1941

Hard to imagine this Jock MacSwiper story
being drawn today, about a gardener being kicked out of his job on a whim, but back in 1941 the employment laws in Britain would most likely have been insufficient to protect a casual worker against this kind of physical abuse and unfair dismissal. 

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