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Lew Stringer

Lew Stringer (Lewis Stringer) born 1959, comic artist and scriptwriter, best known for his contributions to Oink! comic, The Transformers and Viz. Freelances for Beano and Dandy too!
Lew produces valuable webpages celebrating vintage comic art.

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Transformers - issue 110 - 25th April 1987
Robo-Capers - Forgotten Robots Part 4
Artwork & published half-page strip
 - Lew Stringer -

Question:  I wondered if the 'Forgotten Robots' strip was a satire on the 'Rudiments of Wisdom' strip, written and drawn by the eccentric Tim Hunkin? I also thought I spotted the influence of Otto Messmer at work, in the drawing of the steam age robot? All great stuff!

Lew:  Hi Paul, No, I've never heard of Tim Hunkin's work. The robot was based on Stephenson's Rocket, - but with legs. :) Best, Lew

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