दण्डी स्वामी नारायणानन्द सरस्वती
Daṇḍī Svāmī Nārāyaṇānanda Sarasvatī

Dandi Swami Narayananand Saraswati

Dandi Swami Narayananand Saraswati

Dandi Swami Narayananand Saraswati (1923-2010) was a disciple of Shankaracharya Shantanand Saraswati (1913-1997), and, before him, a student of Swami Brahmanand Saraswati, Shankaracharya of Jyotirmath (1941-1953). 

नारायणानन्द  Nārāyaṇānanda
Nārāyaṇa = Supreme Beingānanda = bliss, ecstacy


Dandi Swami is variously known and referred to as:-
'Dandi Swami Narayanand', 'Narayanananda', 'Narayananda',
'Swami Narayana', 'Dandiswami', 'Narayanandaji', 'Swamiji' etc 

Let us celebrate his life.


August 1995 - Rajiv Malik speaks with Dandi Swami ji
mention of Dandi Swami is made at end of article


Ist June 2009 - David Sieveking interviews Dandi Swami ji
Dandi Swami was in maun (silence) so, when interviewed, wrote his answers on a chalkboard in Hindi which the translator then delivered in English


Rob van Dijk (1951-2011)
It is understood that Rob van Dijk's book
'Op zoek in India' (Searching in India - The Diary of a Spiritual Traveller
contains detailed descriptions of his meetings with Dandi Swami Narayananand Saraswati
Op zoek in India - Rob van Dijk

Writer and philosopher Rob van Dijk made five trips to India and kept faithfully a diary of his quest for wisdom. The result is a very personal account of encounters with wise and less wise and remarkable events. Looking in India is therefore not only a travelogue, but also a source of inspiration for truth and wisdom seekers. In addition, this book is of interest to readers who are familiar with the School of Philosophy, because it reveals new information on its history.

ISBN 978-90-78555-09-4, 300 pages, including 10 pages of color photographs, € 21.50 
Order here (free shipping)


review of  
'Op zoek in India' in Inzicht, 2011 (in Dutch)
English translation of Inzicht ('Insight') review, with mention of Dandi Swami

- An English translation of 'Op Zoek in India' would be such a blessing
as this book appears to be a really interesting! -


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